Cameroonian-US based award winning “Best Diaspora Artist”, Vumomsé, comes back with a new join, “Man Made God” 8 months after he dropped “Move It”, a song whose content still trends on televisions and radios stations in and around major cities in the country.

Vumomsé makes his debut this 2017 with a huge and well prepared song titled MAN MADE GOD featuring one of the craziest Cameroonian artists in the USA, Mokambe. Produced by Shady Ville and directed by Mt Muna, MAN MADE GOD is urban gospel song that is out to sensitize the public on idol worship and the power of God in the world. A very powerful gospel song that has the quality of western feeling.

Popularly known for his hit song RAKATA, the video stars Kiflex, a Cameroonian USA based singer and writer. MAN MADE GOD is a beautifully directed video with an amazing group of dancers that helps in transforming the lyrics with an outstanding choreography.

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