Tasha Tee is a Cameroonian artiste in her late 20s, who hails from the western region of Cameroon, specifically in haut-nkam.

She resides in London, UK, and is a student at BIMM (British and Irish Morden institute) Music school in Fulham London.

Tasha started performing when she was 3 years old, in school plays and birthdays.

She took her career more seriously and started doing music professionally, when she was a teenager.

She started by doing backups at studios, cabarets and was equally engaged in gospel music. From when she started recording till now, her lyrical prowess and vocal strength have improved due to her tireless efforts to perfect her craft.

As a Cameroonian artiste based in the UK, Tasha Tee faces the challenge of standing out abroad amidst the competitive music business market in the Uk. She also finds it difficult to get a reliable team to work with in Cameroon, from abroad.

Tasha Tee is an independent artist. She believes her goals are achievable and she is working to achieve them.

She just released her first official single titled ‘Mon amour.’

It was produced by the hitmaker; PhillBillBeatz. In the song she sings in English, Pidgin and French, seducing the audience into her musical world with smooth lyrics and a contagious melody.

Click below to listen and enjoy:

Keep up with Tasha Tee on Social Media:
Facebook: @TashaTee
Instagram: @TashaTee
YouTube : Tasha Tee
Snapchat : Tongley1
TWITTER :  @TashaTee

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