Good Black People presents a new single from top recording Afro Gospel and Inspirational Artist, Nkuh Bandy in “Stop the Bloodshed” which is a piece dedicated for dialogue and peace as a way forward for the on-going Anglophone problem.

Nkuh Bandy as known by the Cameroonian Entertainment Industry is a composer, songwriter and performer who made his debut in 2016 titled King  Ruler. Later that year, he got born again (into a relationship with Jesus). With voices already heard as regarding the Anglophone problem that is plaguing the South West and North West regions, Nkuh Bandy is determined to use this musical piece inspired by the Holy Spirit as he claims to try and touch the hearts of authorities at both ends to find a way to dialogue and end the killing of innocent Cameroonians.

Life is good when we feel the pain of our neighbours and this is the meaning of LOVE. Nkuh Bandy encourages the population to believe in peace, love, forgiveness, and trust in God as a standard for life.

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