Lagos Based Cameroonian artiste; TY Mayani, just got awarded Best International Act during the 2019 Noble Awards in Nigeria.

Taku Tyler Pret aka TY MAYANI was born on the 29th September 1992 in Buea. He attended Inter Comprehensive High School. He realised he was interested in music since childhood and has recently taken major steps to fulfil his music interests. Signed to Black Moon Record Label, Ty Mayani has released 3 singles;  Wayo Babe, African Beauty and More Love featuring Air Boy.

Click below to watch More Love

He has graced several stages in Nigeria and Benin, and has collaborated with Nigerian artistes; Air Boy and Rado. It is his dream to do songs with several Cameroonian artists including Daphne and Locko. The Noble Award’s Best International Art has lots of good music coming up!


Keep up with TY Mayani:

Facebook: Tymayani

Instagram: @Tymayaniofficial

Twitter: @Tymayani


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