He released an Afrobeats EP titled « Makossa EP » found in all online store. Went on a Canada-wide tour thereafter. The legion, half-man/half-amazing, this Pikin from Buea, Md Lyonga now releases his first Canada-based music video titled – Iya (Buea pikin) -.

Classic may be an over-used word but at the risk of sounding redundant, the Legion’s class of taste makes it safe to say we have a Cameroonian music trailblazer in Canada. The Video is directed by Arsal Khan
Watch for yourselves and enjoy.

–  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: @mdlyonga

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Spotify: https://goo.gl/5m35yt

iTunes: https://goo.gl/MMLfLX

Amazon Music: https://goo.gl/TKW7ZS

Google Music: https://goo.gl/Dj8ZPe

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