Born in May 1984, as Halle Nkefor, Kefhal King is a reggae/dancehall artist, who can trace his roots back to Awing of the North-West Province of Cameroon. Eventhough born in Buea, he has spent from primary school years till date in Douala, mostly in Bepanda and Bonaberi. Signed to Street 237 Entertainment mid 2015.

His exceptional love and passion for reggae music can be traced back right to his secondary school years in lycee Bilingue de Bonaberi. This passion has culminated to the current release of his reggae hit single, titled « More Reggae » a duo with the influential rapper Tonton Bourdor. More Reggae is a song which calls on the lengendary Bob Marley to come bless his song, with a chorus thanking Jah and the reggae prophet King Hailey Selassie I for reggae music. Both the audio and the video were released at once on Monday the 18th of July 2016 on soundcloud and on youtube.

More Reggae

More Reggae comes as a second single of his upcoming debut album which bears the same title « More Reggae » produced by Street 237 Entertainment. More reggae comes to join his first single « on my mind» whose audio was released in August 2015,and video released in January 2016. The video was featured in TV channels such as Boom TV,Team TV. More Reggae is part of a big plan to bring back reggae music on the limelight and just like other brands are being played in events,reggae should be heard in everyday playlists and event animations.By using radio and TV promotions, coupled with live performances and subsequent releases, the single More Reggae is part of a big mission set by Kefhal King, the new Cameroon Reggae Artist. Therefore, More Reggae is a song with which Kefhal King the Reggae ambassador is fighting to bring back Reggae in the playlist of Cameroonians. « I love Reggae. Do you love Reggae».

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